An Unexpected Role

I am 22 years old and I truly enjoyed this YA novel. I usually dread reading YA novels, just because the main characters are usually too whiney, and way too much drama usually goes down, but Leslea Wahl did a wonderful job creating a relatable main character, and she was very sparce with the drama, which I enjoyed.

Josie, the main character, is truly a girl after my own heart. She is clumsy, a lover of musicals, and old movies which definitely made her a relatable main character for me. I loved the references to old movies, and plays and I proudly understood them all. Maybe these references will motivate some of this new generation to look up some of these classics.

The romance in the book was very well written, and believable and it made me relive my high school dream of having a summer romance in a quiet little beach town. (That tends to be a popular theme in YA books.)

If you want to read an uplifting book, with a bit of mystery, romance, and a clumsy, relatable main character, I would suggest giving, "An Unexpected Role" a try!

P.S I received this book for free in exchange for a review and when I received the book the author had signed it and had included a hand written thank you post card for reviewing her book. I just thought that was so thoughtful, and it really made me appreciate reviewing the book even more. Thank you, Leslea Wahl!!

*This book was given to me for free in exchange for the review through BookCrash, yet my opinions are all my own.


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